Accepted Papers

  • A Framework for Chainsaw Detection using One-Class Kernel and Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks into the Amazon Rainforest
    Juan G. Colonna, Bernardo B. Gatto, Eduardo F. Nakamura, Eulanda M. dos Santos
  • Active Learning for On-line Partial Discharge Monitoring in Noisy Environments
    João Gomes, Hai-Long Nguyen and Wu Min 
  • Evolving Centralities in Temporal Graphs: a Twitter Network Analysis
    Fabiola S. F. Pereira, Gina M. B. Oliveira and João Gama 
  • Mining the Twitter Stream: unravel events, interactions and communities in real-time
    Mario Cordeiro 
  • Sampling Evolving Ego-Networks with Forgetting Factor
    Shazia Tabassum and Joao Gama

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